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Hi and welcome to Water Filters Tips & Reviews site!

This site is designed to help you uncover the truth about the various home water purification systems out there. The purpose is so that you can easily choose an effective water filter that suits your needs.

On this site, you will find informative articles and product reviews for different water filters and brands whether they are refrigerator water filters, whole house water filtration systems, salt free water softener, reverse osmosis system etc.

I started this site out of my frustration in not finding any unbiased information about water filtration systems when I sought to get such info from the internet. Sometime ago, when I come to know that the water supplied to our homes either from municipal or other sources are not free from contamination, I decided to search online for the right type of water filter to use in order to protect my family since the water we drink can play a big part in our health.

Unfortunately, most of the search results I got were offers from people selling or promoting some specific brand or system of water filters. There were very few data about the different types of water filtration systems, the different stages involved in water filtration and the performance level of these different types and systems.

To me, these data are important if you must decide on the water filtration system that is right for you. And that is why I have decided to start this site to highlight some of my findings on this subject matter since such information will greatly help you make an educated choice in your quest for the right water filters, refrigerator filters, home water filtration systems, etc.

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