The dangers of unfiltered water

6 Reasons You Need To Use a Water Filter Jug

There’s no doubt that you agree to the fact that water is good for you. As we do know our bodies consist mainly of water – about 60% actually. Besides, water is the number one nutrient for our bodies. Also to remove toxins from the body you need enough water. But not all water is […]

Can water filters prevent breast cancer?

Can You Prevent Breast Cancer By Using Water Filters?

Could something as easy as putting an activated carbon based water filter on your kitchen sink prevent or reduce the risk of breast cancer for you and your family? Thousands of American municipalities add chlorine to their drinking water to become free from microbes and kill bacteria in our drinking water.  But this affordable and […]

Shower water filter systems

Shower Water Filters: Little Angels Mostly Ignored!

In thinking of clean, uncontaminated water for your family do you really think of shower water filters? Have you ever thought of shower head water softeners as important additions to your home water filtration system? The shower filter sector is a fairly small yet definitely a highly competitive one. Most folks know they should filter […]

Individual room air purifiers

Room Air Purifiers: What You Should Know About Individual Room Air Purifiers

If you were to perform a standard internet search for air purifiers, you would likely return a number of different results. Those results would likely include a number of different air purifiers that are currently available for sale. While all of these air purifiers may vary, in one way or another, many have something in […]

Watr Ceramic Purifiers

Ceramic Water Filters – A great way to healthy drinking water

If you are trying to make sure that you have actually healthy water to drink and use for cooking within your home, you’ll quickly find that there are several different filters out there that you can choose from. One type of filter you’ll come across is a ceramic filter. These water filters are used to […]

Water Filters Whole House

Water contamination is a very common problem faced by every household. Along with the use of a good water filter system you can get rid of numerous diseases that may be caused due to contaminated water. Find out more about the filter system. Whole house water filter system The filter system comprise of filter housing, […]

Water filters for refrigerators

Water Filters For Refrigerators

Health is the most precious matter that becomes the concern of most persons. Most people today will do any means required to keep them and their family healthy. Nonetheless, the lifestyle along along with the environment condition nowadays occasionally bring them to the unhealthy state. Nowadays, so a large number of health products have actually […]

Berkey Water Filters

Let’s take a closer look at the Berkey secret. But before we delve any further, have you ever wondered how exactly does Berkey Water Purifier work? As a matter of fact, the purification system has been designed seamlessly for removing pathogenic bacteria, cysts and parasites and is also especially designed for extracting chemicals such as, […]


Everyone not living in a hut these days knows that the world is designer crazy. There are designer labels for everything from your head to your toes, your car, your golf clubs, your eyeglasses, your mini-blinds, draperies, lunchmeat, tomatoes, and even your beverages are now designer labeled. That’s where we come in with another multi-level […]

Warsaw Water Filters

Sand Filters And Pump Kits Whereas many traditional filter systems use cartridges that must be replaced every so often, sand pool pumps filters last longer and perform a more comprehensive clean of the pool, capable of handling more heavy duty work than their competitors. Sand filters and pump kits possess top mounted valves, 4-way multiport […]