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Standard Faucet Water Filter that reduces sediments, chlorine taste and odor. Quick, easy, no mess filter changes and no tools are needed for filter changes. Filter lasts up to six months.

Customer Reviews

Whirlpool Replacement Filters – NEW models from 3M

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 on February 13, 2009
By R. Mercedes Parker
If you are looking for the replacement filter for the Whirlpool UltraEase Filteration System that is Undersink Twist-On Filter, this is it. Lowes use to sell a Whirlpool filter system and replacement filters, now 3M sells the replacement filter. Lowes has discontinued selling the Whirlpool replacement filters.

Easy to install and convenient, but doesn’t last six months

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 on February 11, 2017
By Sean R.
We love this filter system because it was easy to install, it’s invisible under the sink, and it filters the chlorine taste out of our water. We’ve bought new filters for it many times in the three years that we’ve had it. The one disappointing thing about it is that the flow rate falls off pretty quickly with time. We’re in San Francisco, and our cold water before we installed the filter flowed at 1.6 gallons per minute (gpm). Immediately after installing a new filter the flow rate is 1.2 gpm, which is quite tolerable, but it falls down to 0.7 gpm over the following two months, at which point it levels off. The final flow rate is annoying enough that I finally measured our most recent one every week or two after installing it. A graph is attached. I’m not sure why the flow rate creeps up slightly after two months, but I took each measurement three times, and the variance between successive measurements was never more than 1%. In practice, we end up replacing ours about every 100 days.

Great product, but the description SUCKS!!!!

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 on March 17, 2012
By Mook Dubious
I had to do more research than I felt was necessary to actually figure out what I was buying and if it would work with the filter holder/filter set I bought at Wally World. So, being the nice guy that I am, I’ll post it so you can make a better informed buying decision..

Works well.

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 on March 21, 2015
By 🐱 Cat Slack Attack 🚀
It was pretty easy to install. Like some other reviewers, I didn’t push the blue tube into the filter mount hard enough, and water sprayed everywhere at first. Once I applied more force and secured the supply tube, it worked.

Great product bad Amazon LLC

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 on February 5, 2017
The item itself works as described; however, if you are ordering from AMAZON LLC, which is where all of mine came from, then check the item immediately. I had mine switched from the GOLD lettering to GREEN which is a lesser product but I was charged for the GOLD. Since I usually keep an extra one for my future 6 month exchange under the sink, it was too late for me to say anything to Amazon when I actually did change it, so I am saying it to the consumers who are reading this. Good product bad QA on behalf of Amazon LLC.

Fridge Install

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 on August 28, 2016
By Justin

Decent filters. Stiff to reinstall fresh ones.

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 on May 26, 2016
By Carbonhead
Decent filters. Does not stop everything, so read t spec sheet carefully. This is NOT used to filter really nasty water. Its for city water that you want to taste better and clean up a little. It reduces, not eliminates most, not all common water born problems. Again, read the spec sheet. It will, as others have stated, make your water look and taste better. You can see what its been removing when you change it out. Just dump it into a clear glass. Youll know then. It says change every 6 months, but ive accidently let it go longer w no problems. I also permanent marker the date on the side when i install it so i can keep a track of the time on it. The complete kit is very good and well made with decent fittings if you go that route. If you know some basic plumbing skills, you can install 1 of these units. At replacement time, i find the filter easy to remove but a pain in the butt to reinstall. You really have to jam it up into the filter housing to get it to lock in. Once it does, its easy to turn. Its preinstalled “O” ring seals are pre lubed right out of the box, so you dont have to do that. Ive been using these filters for years with no issues either with taste and purity, or leaks. The 4 stars is for the effort to get the new filter to seat. Removal is super easy. Just a twist counter clock wise and it comes right out. Amazon even offers the automatic refill service for these so you dont have to remember to order replacements.

Great tasting water – doesn’t clog up quickly like the Filtrate advanced filters

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 on June 10, 2016
I had been using filtrete filters for years – probably about 5 years now. Always used the advanced ones but lately the advanced ones seem to clog up really quickly in a matter of a month and a half vs before when they would clog up around 4-5 months. I don’t think the water has changed that much. So I decided to try the standard filter instead of the advanced, and you know what? The water tastes the same (clean!), and there’s no issue with the filter clogging up and the flow rate slows just minimally! There must be something in the design of the advanced filters that cause it to clog up so fast. I now exclusively use the standard filters and have had no issues whatsoever! They are a bit shorter and fatter than the advanced ones, but last much much longer and still gives you great tasting water!

This water filter is awesome i purchased the maximum version

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 on January 31, 2017
By Raul
This water filter is awesome i purchased the maximum version, i read some reviews complaining about flooding and water leaks so i decided to install it in a different way, look at my pictures.



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