Frigidaire Water Filter Review

If you own a Frigidaire or Kenmore (which is also made by Frigidaire) brand of refrigerator, then the Frigidaire water filter is for you. It is very efficient and is NSF approved. The Frigidaire water purification system uses a PureSource Ultra water filter to remove chemicals and impurities from tap water. It is designed to eliminate a high number of herbicides and pesticides that are present in your drinking water. Besides, it has the added benefit of removing odors or nasty tastes.

The drinking water is passed through the filter before reaching the ice maker and then dispensed from the refrigerator door. Frigidaire refrigerator water filters are usually replaced after six months, or after it has purified up to 200 gallons of water.  If it is not replaced when it is supposed to, the filter could stop dispensing water and making ice until this is done.


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