• Home Master HMF3SDGFEC Whole House 3 Stage Water Filtration System with Fine Sediment Iron
  • Home Master HMF3SDGFEC Whole House 3 Stage Water Filtration System with Fine Sediment Iron
  • Home Master HMF2SDGC Whole House 2 Stage Water Filtration
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Great for well water with Iron, Manganese, and Sulfur problems up to 3 ppm combined contaminant load. Have your well water analysis before buying. Fully Assembled Home Master 3-stage whole house filter treats: sediment, turbidity, iron, manganese, sulfur smell, pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals. The main purpose of the Home Master whole house water filter is to deliver clean, clear water to every faucet and bath in your home without drawing down water pressure. The Home Master Filter Pressure Performance Series was designed with your comfort and convenience in mind. Its uses oversized filters, housings, and fittings whenever possible to ensure your water pressure never falls short. Larger housings mean larger filters, which require less frequent service, which in turn saves you time, money, and inconvenience 1st Stage Filter, multi gradient depth polypropylene sediment filter. 25 micron surface, 10 micron layer, 5 micron layer, 1 micron inner core, designed for purity with bacterial and chemical resistance, four separate filter layers for enhanced filter performance, triple the dirt holding capacity of similar sized cartridges, typical life cycle 6, 12 months depending on usage and sediment quantity. 2nd Stage Filter – Radial Flow Iron, Manganese and Sulfur Reduction Filter, Radial Flow design provides excellent iron reduction with minimal pressure drop (

Customer Reviews

My house is connected to a community well and have had poor water quality since the house was built

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 on December 14, 2014
By Scott
I installed this system about a month ago and so far I am impressed. My house is connected to a community well and have had poor water quality since the house was built. After numerous complaints to the town and state water quality branch with no results, I had enough. Both agencies kept saying the high iron in the water was just cosmetic. I had to replace my water heater after only 4 years due to the high iron. Ruined numerous clothes and all toilets, sinks, dishwasher are stained. It’s unbelievable that I have to pay for the terrible quality water with and average of $50 per month.

Dirty Water to Clean

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 on July 20, 2015
By hkbrown
I ordered the filter system (HMF3SDGFEC) from Amazon because we were moving to the country and had a well for the first time. We installed the system last summer and started using it in October when we moved into our new home. Recently we were running a lot of water outside and decided to bypass the filter. Wow what a mess without it. The water suds up, taste funny, it has a bad smell, leaves a coating on everything, and jams up our toilet valves with sand. With the filter it is clear, tastes great, doesn’t leave a coating and sand is captured. Very glad I bought the system and had it installed as the house was built.


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 on February 24, 2014
By Thomas Fink
Finally, a product that did exactly what it said it would. I just bought a home near the Outer Banks, NC and the water quality is horrible…it smelled of rotton eggs (sulfer). I purchased the Home Master HMF3SdfFeC Whole House Three Stage Water Filtration System and had the local plumber install. I could have done it myself but I had a Ion Exchanger being installed @ the same time and I wanted a valve lineup where I could control where my filtered water distributes. I noticed results a few hours after the installation and by the next day the rotten egg smell was completely gone. Customer service for this company is 1st class. Thanks Perfect Water Technologies for making my wife happy and my water clean.

No more iron!

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 on January 18, 2014
By L. Ficks
Love it! Water was clear coming out of the faucet and stayed clear! We have well water and have a high iron content. I’m excited for the whole house treatment so that not only will a shower actually feel refreshing, but our washing machine will have clear water too.

Whole House Water System

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 on July 22, 2011
By Howard Keitelman
I first bought an under the counter reverse osmosis water filtration system for my kitchen. After using the system for two months, I decided to get this whole house system, so I could brush my teeth in my bathroom, take a shower, and use any faucet in the house. The water quality is tremendous. It’s like using bottled water to shower or brush my teeth. My wife says her hair is much more manageable after showering with filtered water. I’m definitely happy with this product, and would recommend this product to anyone who is as health-conscious as my wife and myself.


 on March 14, 2017
By Amazon Customer
We have well water with a softener and iron filter. Still had issues with iron and horrible smelling water. This thing fixed it immediately! We may go through the carbon filter a little faster than recommended because of our water, but that remains to be seen. Wife also says the water is way better on her hair. Colored hair and extensions. And hey, when mama’s happy…

3 stage full House Filter System

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 on April 18, 2012
By Elizabeth Anders
We had a water filtration system installed many years ago that uses salt bags and calcite in our basement. Needed to constantly fill up with salt and once a year fill up with Calcite. Over the years, we got lazy and forgot about filling up the salt tank and even forgot about adding calcite. This system is wonderful. Only need to change filters possibly once a year. The water quality is wonderful. Ice maker makes good tasting clear ice cubes, no more iron taste. We have only had it a couple of months, but are very happy with it. I feel we will save money, no salt bags to buy and it doesn’t use electric. Also, takes up very little space unlike our other system.

Five Stars

 on March 26, 2017
By PhilD
Great price great product


 on November 6, 2016
By Amazon Customer
We have been dealing with the worst water for over a decade. Tried a top of the line water softener and various whole house filters that gave little to no results. Our water had an awful iron and sulfur smell and it left stains on everything. We were replacing faucets,dishwashers and furnace parts every other year! Totally fed up with this gross h2o so Researched water filter options tirelessly for months and chose this filter. We could not be more satisfied!!!! Our water is taste free, colorless, and order less with no drop in water pressure!! My brown stained tubs are comming clean all by themselves! I give it a million thumbs up!!!

Good product

 on March 15, 2017
By Dave Hartke
Works great definitely better tasting water with no odor, used on well water with high iron



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