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On April 6, 2015
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If you're allergic to smoke, dust, pet dander and other air pollutants then the Honeywell 50250-S 99.97% Pure HEPA Round Air Purifier is what you need to clean the air in your room. This air purifier is so powerful it has the capacity to filter all the air in a room 5 to 23 times per hour, depending on the size of the room, while removing up to 99.97% of common household pollutants.

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The Honeywell 50250S True HEPA Allergen Remover air purifier uses a permanent HEPA filter to trap dust, pollen and mold helping to keep the air clean and you healthy. This purifier is powerful enough to change all the air in a small room 23 times per hour. It’s great in large rooms too and has the capacity to filter all the air 5 times per hour, while removing up to 99.97% of common household pollutants such as dust, pollen, mold spores, tobacco smoke, and pet dander.The carbon activated pre filter helps remove common household odors while helping to extend the life of the HEPA filter. The patented 360 degree air intake and discharge maximizes efficiency, circulating the air and allowing for placement in any area of your room. The Honeywell 50250-S Air Purifier comes with the Intelli-Check indicator to let you know when the filters need to be cleaned or replaced. This elliminates the guesswork so you can relax and enjoy the clean, fresh air.Getting rid of mold and allergen causing particles is very important to keeping your immune system healthy and strong. The Honeywell 50250S air purifier filters out pollen, smoke, dust and pet dander which are known to cause allergies.This air air purifier has a true HEPA filter which will even remove VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), chemicals emitted from certain solvents, cleaning products and other materials. It will also remove odors from the air, giving your home that clean, fresh smell.

Features at A Glance

  • Round air purifier or larger rooms (up to 390 square feet in size)
  • True HEPA filter removes 99.97 percent of common airborne pollutants as small as 0.3 microns
  • Glass-fiber HEPA material also helps remove airborne particles, viruses and bacteria
  • 360-degree airflow, 3 speeds, carbon pre-filter,its a standard 120v wattage plug
  • Measures 18 by 18 by 19 inches; 5-year limited warrant.

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Customer Reviews

Great for cigarette smoke,pollen,pet hair,pollen you name it.

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 on October 10, 2006
By PugLover
Let me start off by saying that I suffer from being allergic to cigarette smoke and my husband and I live in an enclosed apartment complex. This is made worse by the fact that the front door doesn’t seal up against the frame and smoke from the hallway leaks into our apartment with other odors and smells. Now let me add that that my husband suffers from severe allergy’s and takes medicine daily for his condition. Did I mention that we have two cats and a pug. Life was miserable in our 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment, till this little puppy showed up. It’s just like the picture describes it, like a barrel, the nice feature on it is the Intellicheck, this little feature tells you when to change the filters and it’s quite easy the pre filters just lay on the hepa filter and are held in place by two pieces of Velcro. They do need to be changed about ever two months though, this may be more then normal because of our pets. But since we got the first one for the living room we added one more to the bedroom. Now you walk down our hallway gagging on the scent and odors but as soon as you open our door you are greeted by the clean smelling air and the sound of the filter cleaning it. Okay it is a little loud but don’t let that discourage you. Wait till you get it home and turn it on full blast. It is a little noisy but when you go up to it, you can feel it sucking in the air from all around the unit. Then the freshly cleaned air gets pushed up through the top of the unit in a circle around the unit. It really does clean the square footage it claims to. Now I no longer complain about the smoke in our apartment and my husband also enjoys less sinus and nasal pressure. We did our homework on this one and read all about the Honeywell 50250. Before we decided to buy ours and were glad that we did.

Going strong after 3 years!

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 on June 14, 2016
By Healthy FitMom
We have had this running day and night for 3 years and it is in great condition. There are no strange rattling noises or clogs like you see in some other air purifiers. It provides a nice ambient noise and it not too loud (on the lowest setting).

VERY well constructed and highly functional, but kinda noisy.

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 on October 14, 2015
By Lemon
This thing is simply massive; it DWARFS one of those water cooler 5 gallon jugs. It’s simple, looks nice, and highly functional. The quantity of air it moves even on the lowest setting is nothing short of staggering, it seriously moves more air than my dual window fan and it ejects it in a perfectly even cone with no one area having a stronger flow or different direction than any other area.

Improved our symptoms from allergies!

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 on April 9, 2016
By M Wolf
Just received our air purifier in the mail yesterday. It took me a minute to understand which plastic to take off before wrapping pre filter on the purifier. There is this plastic mesh wrapped around the filter inside. You do NOT remove that. I called the number on the package and was told to leave the mesh in place. The black filter marked “A” wrapped in plastic is what it is referring to. Just unwrap the black filter and install over the mesh part and hold in place with the velcro. After doing this, I plugged it in and have had it going on high in our open floor plan living room. The sound is a loud fan type noise but I like that because it drowns outside noise. We have partially carpeted home with a dog and cat and do not smoke. So far, I have noticed that I can breathe better. Also, My husband has horrible allergies and currently off medicine for his upcoming allergy test. So far, he isn’t having the issues he had before when he was on medicine. I have the purifier placed by our HVAC air intake so it seems to be cleaning the air in the full house. So far this has improved our indoor air quality and improved our allergies. I am planning on buying a second one for our house.

Best and Safest Bang for your Buck..LOVE

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 on June 22, 2016
By Stealing Karma
This product it is not loud like everyone says. It’s highest setting is quieter than an airconditioner/fan. The lowest setting you can’t even hear. Slight chemical smell initially bc of new filter but dies off in first 10 minutes. Have had it running 20 hours and air qulaity of whole apartment improved greatly.

Best Value Purifier

4,976 people found this helpful.
 on March 5, 2007
By Richard Wolf Wong
In this review, I will first summarize the major points and focus the details afterward. This way you can stop reading when you get the level of details you need. The definitions of “HEPA” and “CADR” are placed at the end of this review. Please vote for this review if you like it 🙂 I appreciate it.

I’m not sure if it’s working (UPDATED) It is Working!!!

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 on May 7, 2015
I’m not sure about this unit yet. I’ve been running in continuously on mostly the very high setting for 5 days now. I would have expected to see some kind of evidence on the filter that it’s working. At least a little dust.

A Powerful Air Purifyer

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 on March 3, 2015
By Frank Forrest
We’ve used all types of air purifiers and filters over the years, from the trendy ion types to regular HEPA filter units. These did a somewhat mediocre job at cleaning and filtering the air, but the Honeywell 20250 outperforms them all with visible results.



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