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Get Honeywell HEPAClean Tabletop Air Purifier and breathe fresh, pure air. This purifier is designed to eliminate 99% dust, pollen and smoke from the air. With a four stage cleaning system and three power levels, it effective provides a healthy and fresh environment. Honeywell HEPAClean Tabletop Air Purifier features an ionizer that delivers extra cleaning power. Plus, it has the flexibility for horizontal or vertical placement, making it ideal even in tight spaces.

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Amazon Price: $55.07 $55.07 (as of April 28, 2017 8:13 pm – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

The Honeywell Desktop HEPA Air Purifier, 16200 is an air purifier for use in small rooms.

It comes with a HEPA-Type filter that will clean up to 99% of airborne particles from the air. It’s good for removing dust, pollen, pet dander and mold spores from the air.

Having an air purifier at home or in your office should greatly reduce your susceptibility to allergies and disease through airborne particles. If you want to stay in optimal health you’ll need to make sure the air your breathing is clean.

The Honeywell Platinum Desktop Purifier comes with one air filter and an ionizer that will help to freshen the air. Odor lock technology is used to remove smells from the air. It also features antimicrobial treatment and an electronic check reminder to let you know when the filter needs replacing.

They don’t call it a Desktop Air Purifier for nothing. This small little unit will fit just about anywhere, on your desk, under the table, on the bookshelf, etc. It weighs just over 6 pounds and is only 14 inches long.

Size is very compact. It can be placed horizontally or vertically to save space and does a very good job of removing particles from the air.

Features of the Honeywell Desktop HEPA Air Purifier, 16200

  • Washable pre-filter
  • Electronic filter change reminder
  • ProTec treated filter
  • Use in horizontal or vertical position for tighter spaces
  • Advanced air cleaning for indoor pollution
  • Comes with four stage cleaning system and three power levels
  • Features odor-lock technology to remove bad odors
  • AHAM certified

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A Few Customer Reviews:

1. “I suffer from pet dander allergies and this was awesome. I had no problems and did not have to take allergy pills every day.”By Tracy H.

2. This works like a CHARM!!! We tried it out in our bedroom first with a closed door to see how it works. The bedroom is about 12 x 14 and it cleaned my air so fresh and so clean clean (hehe said like the song) … I plan to buy one for my daughter’s bedroom, and buy another Honeywell (bigger version) for my living room. This does have a sound and is somewhat loud on level 3, BUT it’s no more loud then a fan.. so at night we sleep really well. You can ionize the air or not (separate option).. The price is worth it and reading from the other reviews it last a very long time.”By Daniela

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Customer Reviews

Honest Review of Honeywell 16200 Air Purifier

273 people found this helpful.
 on December 12, 2009
By LivingFit365
I’ve owned this air purifier for about 7 years now. Keep in mind any air purifier that has a high output fan and is highly efficient and is going to move a significant amount of air is going to have some fan noise. Don’t buy this or any high output fan-based purifier thinking it is whisper quiet.

Great air purifier for the price

125 people found this helpful.
 on May 15, 2005
By Bens Luscious Hog

Good filter for a small space.

6 people found this helpful.
 on August 25, 2014
By The Travel Blogger
Does the job. But like all air filters it is not quiet. On the lowest setting it can still be heard in a room with classical music, a larger computer tower, and fan running. But I wouldn’t say it is annoying. At it’s higher settings it gets louder, but then again it is moving lots of air. I have several other air filters around my house. I usually buy larger units and then run them at their lowest settings. In this case I think I’m not really filtering as much as I would like because I have decided to run this Hunter filter on LOW.

Excellent product

14 people found this helpful.
 on June 22, 2012
By Eflan456
Upon opening the box, it’s easy to see the quality of this product. The instructions are very clear, and the plastic of the device is very well made. Even the cord isn’t that stiff cheap plastic kind. People say the fan is loud — unfortunately that’s a fact of life. You can’t have a completely silent fan — it doesn’t work that way. Personally, the noise is perfect. It dulls everyone’s voice and lets me concentrate — especially in a dorm room. For asthmatics (like myself) I can instantly feel the air becoming fresher. If you have asthma, buy this product! It will help you immensely! Put it in your bedroom at night, and you should see symptoms lessen in the mornings. However I don’t recommend using the ionizer if you have asthma. Buy this for children with frequent colds/asthma symptoms/allergies. Especially if you live in a particularly polluted area.

Good unit

2 people found this helpful.
 on January 5, 2013
By Kengineer
This is my third unit. One I have had for years in my basement – den. It was an earlier model but appears the same as this one. Then bought another for my brother as a gift, then got this one. All work fine and glad I can clean the outer filter with a vaccuum. The inner filters are paper and not cheap but can use this models filter on the very first unit I bought. Considering that I have had one running 247 for years and is still runnning great is amazing. All the dust and dirt is has collected etc.. I do vaccuum the unit every other month to clear the vents etc…. and the outer filter.

Use @ home & for travel to help with ASTHMA & ALLERGIES!

6 people found this helpful.
 on January 7, 2015
By Heather
I just love this thing. I keep it running all the time (but don’t leave the Ionizer running when I’m in there for Ozone concerns – I’m asthmatic). I mainly bought it to take to the inlaws because they have a million (ok, not a million… two) dogs that kill my asthma & allergies. I put this in our bedroom when we visit and I feel it helps keep ‘my space’ a little less toxic. Doesn’t cure me, but I feel it makes a difference. Big enough for our large (15×20′) bedroom, and small enough for (road) travel. I wouldn’t fly with it, it’s too big for that. I just take the black filter out and rinse it off letting it dry from time to time, and just use a can of compressed air to blow out the main filter outside… great buy!

Best purchase

One person found this helpful.
 on August 9, 2015
By Meghan strong
Cleans the air in my room plus keeps my mothers smoke out. I have allergies and this really helps me a lot. I keep it running 24/7 when I’m home or not home. I do turn it off when I’m leaving for a weekend or traveling but once I get home I turn it back on. Good for small rooms like a bedroom not meant for large rooms. It can be loud if you don’t like nose but if you have it on a low setting it isn’t bad at all! I don’t notice it. I turn it on the high setting when I’m gone and then low when I’m in the room.

Great purchase!

One person found this helpful.
 on October 13, 2012
By Bookworm
After owning several other brands of air purifiers and not being happy with them, I was hesitant to try the Honeywell. I have COPD and really need an air purifier on my night stand. Other brands were hard to clean and just too noisy. The Honeywell 16200 desktop is perfect. It is easy,easy to clean and even though it does have a hum to it it is not distracting. I don’t use the ionizer on the unit because of my COPD. I leave this on all day on low and then a few hours before bed I turn it up to high. I highly recommend this air purifier and can certainly tell a difference in the air quality and love the easy cleaning.

Super Value!Super Product!

65 people found this helpful.
 on April 14, 2005
By C. Stoner
I purchased two of these little units and I must say they are definately a bargain at this price.Most importantly though they really do the job.You can check the black liner a few days later and you will be amazed how much this little purifier sucks out of the air.I live in Ny and my home gets plenty dusty no matter how much I clean.This has helped my family breath easier.I am going to purchas a third on now,so I thought I would just share my experience while here.P.S. filters only need to be bought every six months thats a pro…cons only one…can be a little noisy if you are used to having complete silence in your home….to me the clean air is worth it!



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