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Most popular WQA Gold Seal certified 5-Stage 75GPD Complete RO system with EU Designer Brushed Nickel Faucet and Clear See-through Housing 1st Stage: NSF Certified 5 micron high-capacity polypropylene sediment filter held in a transparent housing 2nd Stage: NSF Certified GAC Carbon Filter 3rd Stage: NSF Certified CTO Carbon Filter 4th Stage: NSF Certified High Rejection 75GPD TFC reverse osmosis membrane 5th Stage: NSF Certified Total Polishing Inline Carbon

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This RO filter is really nice. I was able to install it myself while …

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 on February 7, 2015
By Dad from Oregon
This RO filter is really nice. I was able to install it myself while my family watched the super bowl. It wasn’t exactly easy, but I managed to get it all set up with no drips, no leaks, no booboos, etc.; not even much swearing.

Great RO System!

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 on February 15, 2015
This will be my third RO system to install. The first was 15 years ago and I replaced it 10 years later. The third one I installed due to moving to another house. I almost decided not to go with a RO system, not because they are not effective but because of their bulkiness and tendency to waste water. But, I couldn’t stand the thoughts of spending nearly 75% more for something that doesn’t remove all the contaminants a RO system is capable of doing. I Looked at a few RO systems and finally narrowed it down to the iSpring. I liked the fact that it includes the brushed nickle faucet, were another vendor wanted an extra $45 for the same. The faucet that comes with the iSpring is very well made.and looks great. The system is easy to install with a few hours time. Instructions are well written, although there were a couple of things I had to search for. They apparently have the same instruction manual for UV systems as for non UV systems which may cause some to get confused on where one of the hoses connects. It’s in the manual though. Just have to backtrack and look at pictures. I turned on the system and had two leaks which were my fault. I didn’t have a couple of hoses pushed in tight enough. After doing it right, I’ve had zero leaks. This system is very well made with good, quality products and workmanship. They even throw in a few extra items, like valves and O-rings, not to mention the water detection alarm. Honestly, I’m not sure how they can sell the system for this price, especially with the expensive looking faucet. System runs quiet, too. I’ve known some RO systems that were noisey. I needed a washer plate to go under my faucet since the existing hole (for a soap dispenser) was a tad too large. I had superb customer service from the company and they shipped the washer to me free of charge.

Fantastic Value!

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 on January 7, 2013
By Amazon Customer
A few years back we were notified by the city that our water contained high levels of Radium. Radium can cause bone cancer due to prolonged consumption of water with high Radium levels. We called Culligan to set up drinking water delivery and learned about reverse osmosis from the sales person. Reverse osmosis will not only remove the Radium but turn our slightly off tasting and smelling tap water into bottled quality drinking water. No more buying bottled water! Except the Culligan system Cost $1400 with installation! I did it because I was ignorant, but I still felt it was a great value even at that price because the cost savings in not having to purchase bottled water would pay for the system within a year or two.

Aquarium LIFE SAVER!!

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 on December 15, 2014
By Mrs. Karen McCue
This is a seriously GOOD system. I especially like that it comes with a tank. Albeit you can only draw about 2.5 gallons at a time, it is still phenomenal for the price. I didn’t buy it for drinking water, I bought it for aquarium water, and let me tell you it makes a phenomenal difference. Hair algae eliminated from one of my small tanks already-HUGE! For my aquarium needs I needed to be able to install it in an upstairs bathroom. This was very easy-I was easily able to tap into the toilet water supply line, run the system over to a wall nearby. I bought a cheap wire shelf at Home Depot with wires that were close enough together that I could easily install the faucet to this system right to the shelf unit-that way I could fill various buckets and jugs with RO water. I also purchased a FOOD GRADE 32 gallon garbage bin from Amazon and can put it in my tub and filled it with buckets of RO water so I can mix salt for water changes easily. This system is a MUST for any marine aquarist. For the price it is a STEAL! Very easy to install, don’t let all the tubes intimidate you-they have a full youtube video that totally guides installation so things are real easy 🙂

The best RO filter at this price

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 on January 13, 2011
By Clay Blair
For an aquarium fan like me, a source of clean water is essential. I live in a desert town in CA. The city water could be the dirtiest in the country. The TDS meter reads 300-500 ppm in different seasons. I have tried carbon and PP filters but none of them could reduce the PPM to below 200. With some basic education about water treatment, I found Reverse Osmosis is the only cost effective solution. I spent some time researching RO filters on Internet and bought a WATTs unit three years ago. It did the work but later replacement cartridges cost me a leg. Then I found this wonderful seller. Its unit is very similar to WATTs. The seller implied it is made in the same factory that provide OEM for brand names. Both the unit and replacement cartridge are at fraction cost. With that in mind, I purchased one unit and a set of pre-filters-of-three. It worked like a charm so I came back to order another two for my mother and sister. The package arrived quickly than I expected. The cubic box is well packed and includes all parts and accessories, including the upscale chrome faucet, which I like the most. The one that came with WATTs has black plastic handle and looks cheap. I got a local plumber to help me hook it up. With the attached manual, installation is quite straightforward. I found the flow chart is very helpful in understanding how the tubes are connected, although the tubes are colored already. We were confused a bit by the flow-restrict valve that controls the clean/waste water ratio and so called 4-way valve that split clean and waste water. We called the seller and quite surprisingly, the phone was answered right away by a real person. She gave clear instruction. In less than one hour, I got clean water from faucet with a stronger flow than my old Watts. I could not wait to take out my PH-TDS meter. It reads PH7.0 AND 18ppm! This PPM is ideal as pure water is actually not that good for your body. The water tastes great. The full glass looks crystal clear with some cute air bubbles, with absolutely no odds and cloud. I feel it tastes even better than Arrowhead bottle water. My fishes and water plants are happy with the water too. It produces 50 gallons clean water out of about 150 gallons waste water a day. This ratio is much better than WATTs’ one out of six ratio. I understand waste water is the nature of RO technology. Besides not buying any bottle water, I use the RO waste water to irrigate my lawn and make myself even a “greener” person. 🙂 I hope the concentrated minerals would help reduce fertilizer use. Over all, this is the best RO filter at this price in the market. I would recommend to anyone.

From 506 to 25 ppm

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 on June 19, 2015
By Iceton
My Las Vegas tap water reads 506 parts per million of total dissolved solids. A day after this filter was installed, it’s down to 25!

Epic fail turned into a solid success.

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 on November 18, 2016
By K. Bontrager
10Nov2016:. I installed this, much to my wife’s excitement, as she loved our old R/O system before we moved. I followed all the directions, which were pretty straightforward and clearly written. Primed the system, dumped the first few tanks, and then sampled the water and noted that it tasted like tap water, only different, not like the very clean alkaline flavor of good R/O. So I ordered a water-tester, tested my tap-water supply next to the output from this iSpring side by side and much to my surprise found that my tap-water reads at 375ppm, and the iSpring is producing 575ppm.

Great system

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 on June 27, 2015
By Myron Dula
I have installed and used this about 8 days now and it delivers great tasting water. We are on county water and it has a ppm of 52 and this system brought the ppm down to 12. I also hooked up the ice machine to it and we are getting crystal clear ice cubes. It really helped the taste of our water and other drinks. I had a issue with water dripping out of the drain tube and called customer service they was very nice and helpful. It was my fault due to high water pressure and I messed up one of the valves. They sent me a valve out that day and I got my water pressure down to 70 psi and it works great. I also mounted it in the basement under where our kitchen sink is and it is nice to have downstairs. I put pressure gauges on the in and out side so I would know what the pressure was at all times.

Best R/O system on the market & my results prove it!

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 on August 10, 2015
By Art H.
The system was EXACTLY as advertised. Very well packaged and all components well labeled. Installation took less than an hour and only that long because I had to modify the water inlet on my clear ice machine.

Excellent system! Excellent! However….

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 on August 16, 2012
By JGM Texas
This is our second iSpring RO system and 3 system overall in the last 7 years. We bought a GE 4-stage from Home Depot in 2006 and it worked very well. We are a family of four and we pull, on average, 6-7 quarts of RO for drinking per day. I’m that guy who firmly believes in “go big or go home” and wanting more filtering we decided to upgrade to the iSpring 5-stage filter. That was last year. The iSpring is EVERY BIT as good as the GE if not better in terms of quality, ease of instruction, and performance. And yes, we could taste a difference between the 4-stage and 5-stage systems. The 5-stage tasted ‘cleaner’ though I’m not sure how..



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