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On May 21, 2014
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It is well known that water filters uses some form of chemical formation in removing contaminants from our drinking water. But the Omni Corporation U25E Whole House Water Filter System takes a different approach. It uses non-chemical water treatment to remove harmful bacteria, chemicals, and pollutants. The a new technology used by this water filter ensures that you instantly get better-tasting, cleaner water.

It is well known that water filters uses some form of chemical formation in removing contaminants fro m our drinking water. Of course, this has its own effects. But how about a water filter thatuses a new technology to give you clean, better-tasting drinking water? Worth considering, right?Then you will want to check out the Omni Corporation U25E Whole House Water Filter System.The Omni Corporation whole house water filter system uses non-chemical water treatment to remove harmful bacteria, chemicals, and pollutants. The a new technology used by this water filter ensures that you instantly get better-tasting, cleaner water.Changing the water filter system is easy and can even be done without shutting off the water line. This  ater filter system fits a 3/4-inch waterline and has a built-in by-pass and shut-off valve. With the Omni Corporation whole house water filter system you can rest assured that your family has pure drinking water.

What Do You Receive When You Buy the Omni Corporation U25E Whole House Water Filter System?

The Omni Corporation U25E Whole House Water Filter System comes with:

  • An automatic pressure release valve;
  • T01 single-pack or double-pack cartridges;
  • On-off-bypass valve-in-head design;
  • Multi-purpose wrench; and
  • Installation hardware.

Why Do You Need a Whole House Water Filter

It is important to have a whole house water filter because it helps you to treat the water that comes to house at one point. Since you are using the water that comes to your home at different points – dishwashers, washing machines, toilets, etc – and it is not feasible installing individual filters on all these items, getting a whole house water filtration system is the best choice.Watch this video for some insights: Click here for more on the Omni Corporation U25E Whole House Water Filter System.

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Customer Reviews

almost didn’t get it, but so far so good

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 on February 27, 2013
By aaron
since i do not believe most of the negative reviews are fair for this particular product, i thought it best to give my opinion. the u25 filter was already in place when i bought my home three years ago, and i’ve never had an issue with the filter until now. like many others have mentioned my filter also formed a (even less than) hair-line crack that began spraying a very fine mist of water. also i must add that when i bought my house, there was another u25 filter in a box in the utility room that i THOUGHT was an extra, however finally looking closely at this one, i noticed that IN THE EXACT SAME SPOT, the previous owners had tried to epoxy a crack, so obviously (and as many others have noted) there was indeed a design flaw in these u25 filters. so now you must be asking why on earth did i give this 4 stars??? because the company changed the design and quality of this filter. yes, it has the same name and it does look VERY similar, however having both of them in your hands i could see and feel that the newer one was much better. i was concerned that the width may not be the same and would not fit in where the previous owners cut out the copper piping, but it fit PERFECTLY and i have NEVER done anything with plumbing in my life and i had the old one taken out and the new one in place within 15 minutes. changing the filter would take less than 5 minutes. no offense to the raters that keep saying the filter leaks (when not cracked of course). sometimes the o-ring is finicky or not lubricated enough and sometimes the bottom container is not screwed on tight enough (gotta use the supplied “wrench”) but do not over-tighten. i keep checking the filter several times a day and so far so good. i will of course update this review if anything changes.

Excellent Filter, Well Designed and Built

 on November 8, 2015
By Glen
This was a replacement for a much older model by same manufacturer. A huge improvement over the older model. Required minor piping mods but well worth it.


 on November 29, 2013
LOVE , LOVE , LOVE this , could not live without it , The filter needed changing recently and I could not drink the water until it was changed , this is how good this is , and is easy to install , just run this through the water pipes under the house and the entire house can be filtered , but we don’t filter the entire house , no need to , just the drinking water and the kitchen along with the dish washer .

You WILL be satisfied

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 on December 16, 2010
By Proud American
This is the second Omni filter I have purchased. Believe it or not this is the same model # as the last one I bought but is much better quality and design. The weak area that caused the first filter to eventually fail was much improved on this new filter (the housing where the pipe connects). I would actually give this 5 stars but you probably would have lost my review in the other reviews. I am one who believes sauvy shoppers put more credence in the 3 and 4 star ratings. Again, I would actually give this 5 stars. We use this at work for our coffee machine and it gets a lot of use for an office with 100 people. I change it about every 3 months and use the carbon filters. They make a big difference in the taste quality. You will want to put a bucket under it when changing the filter. There is a bypass feature but that doesn’t empty the globe so you will leak several ounces of water when you change it. Its best to have a second person to hold the bucket. You should use one hand to turn the globe and the other to secure the plumbing to reduce torque which is what cause our first one to fail. Some people don’t understand simple mechanics like that and these are the same people that should not be allowed to change the filter nor be allowed to play with sharp objects. Don’t over tighten the globe or it will leak. There is a wrench included and it does not require a lot of strength to properly seat the globe.

Look out when replacing.

 on February 13, 2013
By naturegal
This works good just like my previous model but did not fit as a replacement part. Looks sort of the same in the picture but is a different size and configuration and difficult to tell from description and model #. Ordered one to see if just the clear housing would fit the existing top. No match. Since I use several in a series it was obvious that the whole setup would need change. After some plumbing and piping adjustments, it is working just fine. I’m happy with the system. It filters out much of the SoCal water “stuff” that the aquarium fish and humans don’t like.

love it!

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 on September 12, 2016
By Pooch
love it!! Easy to put on and off and being clear makes it simple to know when you need to change it.

Great product (not so great installation hardware)

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 on April 19, 2013
By Jack & Sharon
This filter is great and with the clear housing you can see how well its working. I would have given it 5 stars if the installation “hardware” had been better (I couldn’t stop the leaks)… I simply went to my local plumbing supply and bought “shark bites” (be sure to take the fitting with you to get the right part)…using the “shark bites” (a little pricy but, so worth it) installation is easy and takes very little time.



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