Can water filters prevent breast cancer?

Can You Prevent Breast Cancer By Using Water Filters?

Could something as easy as putting an activated carbon based water filter on your kitchen sink prevent or reduce the risk of breast cancer for you and your family? Thousands of American municipalities add chlorine to their drinking water to become free from microbes and kill bacteria in our drinking water.  But this affordable and […]

Shower water filter systems

Shower Head Water Filter Reviews

A lot people have concerns when it comes to the water they use in their homes. However, only a few people actually care to consider shower water filters. But do you know that unfiltered shower water could have more adverse effect on our health than unfiltered drinking water? As much as this may seem to […]

Watr Ceramic Purifiers

Ceramic Water Filters – A great way to healthy drinking water

If you are trying to make sure that you have actually healthy water to drink and use for cooking within your home, you’ll quickly find that there are several different filters out there that you can choose from. One type of filter you’ll come across is a ceramic filter. These water filters are used to […]

Water filters for refrigerators

Water Filters For Refrigerators

Health is the most precious matter that becomes the concern of most persons. Most people today will do any means required to keep them and their family healthy. Nonetheless, the lifestyle along along with the environment condition nowadays occasionally bring them to the unhealthy state. Nowadays, so a large number of health products have actually […]

Big Berkey Water Filters

Water is the most essential substances that human required in their life. For the fact, human is able to live for a week with out eating. Nonetheless he/she will not stand for far more than three days without drinking. This shows how water is so vital for the living creature like us. Nevertheless, water from […]

Water Filters For Wells

Well water can sometimes be contaminated with anything from iron, sulfur, manganese, dirt, turbidity, tastes, odors, tannins, iron bacteria and other bacteria, e-coli, coliform, chemical contaminants and other unwanted contaminants. Having a good filter will help to ensure that you are getting clean, fresh and great tasting H2O for drinking, cooking and bathing. The first […]

Water Filters That Remove Fluoride

There is a growing concern with cities that are starting to add fluoride to the cities’ water supply.  Fluoride in small doses has the benefits of preventing tooth decay and gum disease by calcifying your teeth making them invulnerable to cavities. However there is a growing concern for fluoride. It is believed that fluoride in […]

Water Filters For Refrigerators

It is no secret that our tap water is contaminated with different pollutants and chemicals that are harmful to our bodies and health. If you are getting your drinking water from your refrigerator or using ice cubes then it is important that the water is filtered before you drink it. There are a few different […]

Water Filters - what they are!

Water Filters

You might use filters, but do you really understand them? A filter is a device that blocks objects or substances while letting certainly sized or shaped others through. While filters are often known for their filtering of water, they aren’t used only for that. Filters can be used to remove air pollution, to prepare coffee, […]