Water contamination is a very common problem faced by every household. Along with the use of a good water filter system you can get rid of numerous diseases that may be caused due to contaminated water. Find out more about the filter system.

Whole house water filter system

The filter system comprise of filter housing, a filter cartridge, mounting bracket and a spanner wrench. It is used to remove dirt, sediments, chlorine and other impurities from the water. The water filters can be used in a collection of two housings. The first filter helps to remove dirt, sediments and debris and the second absorbs any other contamination and chlorine to give a fine filtration. You can also add additional water filters to your filter system such as shower filters, iron filters, countertop filters; UV filters to remove contamination such as iron, algae, bacteria and viruses.

Why use a filter?

Drinking water filters improve the quality of the drinking water and removes all the impurities from the raw water to make it healthy and safe for drinking. A Whole House Water Filter System ensures clean water for the entire house. You can be sure of the water used for drinking and bathing is clean and safe. Despite the fact that NY and Canada receive one of the cleanest water supplies, a water filter ensures of no contamination at all. Depending on the supply of water you can have actually different types of water contaminants such as dirt and sediments, iron, chlorine, bacteria, virus, cyst and so on. You can use different filters according to the requirement.
Selecting a filter system

You can select Drinking Water Filters according to the contamination present in your water supply. For instance if your water has actually more of dirt and sediments you can use a turbidity and sediment filter. This will help you remove all the contamination without any depletion in the pH and mineral content of the water. If your water is high on microorganisms, UV filter will prove to be beneficial in such a case. You may only require a water softener in case you are having hard water problem.

Choose your filter system according to the contamination in the water.


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