Water Testing Kits – Your Best Assurance for Quality and Safe Drinking Water!

Water Quality Testing Kits - Reviews

More and more people are becoming aware of the importance of having a good water filtration system for their homes. However, in order to know what type of water filters to use, you need first of all to know what might be wrong with your water.

It doesn’t matter if your water is coming from a public supply or from your own well. Having the right water testing kits will help you determine if your water source has contaminants or not. So, having a water quality testing kit in place is a good way of knowing whether you have any threat-posing toxins in your drinking water and of course, what water filtration system to apply.

In this page you will find some top quality water testing kits that will help you test your drinking water at minimal cost. Use these water quality testing kits with your water filtration systems and you can be sure that your family are protected from a variety of water contaminants.

The selection below are chosen to help you test for contaminants and toxins like Coliform/E.Coli, Nitrates, Nitrites, PH, Chloride, Hardness, Copper, Iron, Manganese, Source Lead, Arsenic, Fluoride, etc.

Water Testing Kits Review


Do You Need Water Testing Kits For Your Public Water Supply?

It is true that public water systems are heavily regulated by the US EPA. But that doesn’t really mean that you have good water. Though you don’t need a water test you do need to purify your water as it does contain poisons. For example, there is always the problem of chlorine.

Besides, depending on your locality you may still need to test your tap water from a public supply. In such cases, getting a good testing kit – possibly a Lead test kit – might just be a good idea!

If you are using a public water supply you may decide not to go for a water testing kit but a quality water filtration system instead. But if you must do this, it is important you know for sure what is in your water by obtaining the water report published annually by your water provider.

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Well Water Testing Kits Is A MUST!

It is a confirmed fact that about 15% of American homes depend on their own wells for their water supply. It must be noted that groundwater, from where your well water is gotten can sometimes become contaminated either by run-off pollutants seeping into the groundwater or other pollutants like microorganisms, heavy metals, lead, copper, household waste, fluoride, etc.

To determine what risks you might face with your well water it is therefore important that you have a quality well water testing kit. This will help you know the specific problems you are dealing with so you can apply the appropriate well water purification system.

From the list above you can easily pick a well water testing kit that can help you do this. If you need more options, please click here.

In closing, it is important to note that water testing kits are your best bet if you truly want to provide safe water for your loved ones. It is one thing you don’t want to leave out in your quest for safe drinking water!

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