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If you're looking for a whole house water filter that is reasonably priced but can help you reduces sediment, dirt, and rust, then the Watts WH-LD Premier Whole House Filter System is what you need. It is of high quality and comes with metal inserts to screw in the plumbing fittings. The O-Ring Seal is Outstanding and the unit seats without leaks with minimal effort after filter replacement. The Unit is clear so you can see the condition of the filter at all times. It has a built in bypass valve as well as a shut off so you can still have running water while you are changing the filter.

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The Watts WH-LD Premier Whole House Filter with Integrated By-Pass lessens Sediment, Dirt, Corrosion, & Suspended Particles.This water treatment system treats all of the water entering your home, taking out sediment and various other particles that could harm your water conditioner, prematurely foul a carbon filter or destroy the plumbing fixtures and valves.With the built in bypass shutoff system upkeep is and simple and does not call for closing off the water to the house in order to complete.Here’s what some customers have to say about the Watts WH-LD Premier Whole House Filter:

“The install was easy and the filter works great.” – Kenneth”Changing filters in this unit is VERY simple – – just turn the valve on top to “Off”, and using the spanner wrench unscrew the clear housing.” – R.H.”Water quality is clean and clear and now I don’t have to take apart faucets to remove clogging rust particles during the year.” – Ed Caputo”I bought this filter to replace an older filter that had a leaking pressure relief valve. The shutoff/bypass valve is easy to turn even under pressure. The clear filter cup is very usefull. I have well water and I’ve always known my filters don’t last long. Now with the clear filter cup I can see how bad the incoming water is.” – Kenneth

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  • Reduces Sediment, Dirt, & Rust
  • Built in By-Pass Valve
  • Includes 3 filters and Wrench
  • Stainless Steel inserts for easy installation
  • NSF Tested & Certified


Q: What else do you need to order to install this?Ans: You can use the Culligan UB-1 Mounting Bracket and the Watts 5 micron five count filter pack for about $14.  Each filter is good for about 6000 gallons (about 3 months).  I think the product number on the Watts filters are 500299.  I bought the filter and bracket both on AmazonQ: Does this filter get rid of chlorine in the water?Ans: As the other people have said, you need charcoal to remove chlorine. A filter without charcoal such as the one that comes with product will only take out sediment and rust. It is not advisable to use a charcoal filter for a whole house water filter anyway. Chlorine inhibits bacterial growth. If you remove chlorine, it is possible to get growth of bacteria in the water lines. especially lines that don’t get used very often. It’s fine to put a charcoal filter on the tap you drink water out of or the special shower head ones, but not for the whole house. Also, you would probably need a larger whole house filter than this since a charcoal filter that would fit in this housing would restrict flow well below what you would need. The 50 micron filter that comes with this is the smallest you probably would want. I think it rated at about 10 to 12 gallons per minute.Q: What is the flow rate of the unit, and what would the typical residencial home need?Ans: Not sure of the flow rate maybe their site can tell you that specific info. I have a pressure gauge on my line and tested before and after installation, and there was no drop in pressure or flow. I have city water and I replace mine every three months. With that schedule there is never a flow issue.

Amazon Price: $47.35 $41.87 You save: $5.48 (12%). (as of March 24, 2017 12:56 am – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Customer Reviews

Great Filter – Easy to Install – Easy Maintenance

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 on January 8, 2015
I have now purchased two of these filters: one for my home and one for my business. The installation takes about 30 minutes and buying the Culligan UB-1 bracket is almost essential. Thank you to the reviewers who provided that information. The housing for the filter is clear, so you can always see the condition of the filter. I have experimented with 50, 20, and 10 micron filters. The 20 micron seems to be best for my water issues at home. I keep a post-it next to the filter and mark down when I change it and which one I used. Just remember the lower the number, the finer the filtration, and the more frequently you will need to change the filter. The filters are very inexpensive and you can set them up in Amazon’s Subscribe and Save to make your life easy and save money.

It’s made sturdy and has metal threaded inserts 3/4 npt

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 on February 27, 2015
By lnj3
I have been using this for a year now, and have changed filter element 20 times with no problems. It’s made sturdy and has metal threaded inserts 3/4 npt . In bypass mode water flows strait thru the upper housing so it don’t come in contact with sediment from a plugged filter. I use Purenex 5 Micron 10-Inch by 2.5-Inch Sediment Filter Cartridges. I have included pics before and after filter change. When changing filter I just place new filter cartridge in the clear lower part and slowly tighten so the filter don’t get off center. I only tighten it by hand , If you tighten to much it’s harder to get it loose next filter change. I have never had any leaks so far I’m running 80psi on the water line.We sometime have all three showers and washing machine going at the same time, cant tell any difference in pressure drop on a new cartridge and only about 5 psi drop across filter when it gets dirty like in the pic with all the showers and washer filling up. I have pressure gages before and after filter. great product ,bought it here on amazon. package did not say what country it was made in.The pic shows the size of the ports in the inner valve just a little smaller than a dime.

Strongly recommend getting "Culligan UB-1 Mounting Bracket with Screws"

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 on June 28, 2015
By a.archie
Ordered Friday, delivered Sunday (Prime baby!).

Well built and compatible with multiple filters

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 on May 20, 2016
By Chris W
I recently installed 4 of these in a row to clear up the smell in my water. The first filter is a 50 micron, followed by a 20 micron, then a 5 micron, and lastly a carbon filter. This setup has successfully removed the taste and smell from my water. It took about a week for the filters to start getting any kind of color to them, but I am glad to see that the sediment is not in my drinking water or going to be clogging up my washing machine inlet filter, staining toilets, etc..

Decent Product, Easy Installation

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 on February 12, 2016
By Totes Goats
Fortunately we have a pump house which made this easier to install than some others may face (i.e. it wasn’t in tight quarters and it’s outside, so I wasn’t concerned with leaks when I first pressurized it). I bought two housings and installed them in line with each other in hopes I wouldn’t have to change filters so often. It came with three filters, although after a week I replaced them with a 10 micron filter and 5 micron filter (respectively) . Seems decent quality, easy installation for weekend DIY’r with some minor plumbing experience. Some tips for installation:

Works Great

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 on July 7, 2016
By paperdollcollage
I’m a plumber and have installed nemerous filters that generally much more expensive and harder to install than this filter is. This filter can be installed in literally minutes if you know what your doing and if not the directions are pretty straight forward.

Great Product…..Great Price….

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 on October 23, 2015
By Bryan
One of the best whole house filter systems I have come across, especially for the price. I recommend and install these for customers who have problems with sediment in their water supply lines (which can lead to all sorts of problems). My favorite aspects are…..



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