Whole House Water Filter Reviews and Recommendations

Whole house water filters are basically the most convenient water filtration systems for homes (especially large homes). This is because they are installed into the main water supply line. They are also called point-of-entry-filters.

Unlike refrigerator water filters, the impact of whole house water filter systems is usually felt throughout the whole house as it can be used to filter water for laundry, bathrooms, kitchens and even drinking water.

In shopping for a whole house water filtration system one of the things you should note is whether the filter is only useful for filtering rust and sediment or it can filter other water contaminants. If you buy a whole house water filter that filters only sediments and rust, the implication is you will still need to purchase a refrigerator water filter system or another filter that can filter drinking water and possibly your shower water!

My recommendation therefore is that you go for a whole house water filter that can help in filtering a good number of contaminants so and your family can have healthy water for drinking, cooking, and showering.

Recommended Whole House Water Filters


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